Award winning marketer, business growth consultant and daddy x 3.  Having grown brands and built businesses for over a decade, Dustin’s projects have generated over $43 million in sales and have been regularly featured in the media.  An avid tennis enthusiast, podcaster and speaker, Dustin absolutely loves storytelling and is grateful he ‘gets’ to do this everyday for a living.  His full story can be found here.

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current projects:

WealthFit // all the stuff you never learned in school about money, investing, & entrepreneurship
Reinvent Your Offer // making products and services simply irresistible

recent work:

Irresistible Offer Architecture® // boost your sales by crafting an offer they can’t refuse
Powerful Presentations // how to move an audience & sell like never before


✮ Entrepreneur 360™ Award Winner 
✮ ClickFunnels ‘Two Comma Club’ Inaugural Member
✮ Infusionsoft® Marketer of the Year Finalist
✮ GKIC® Marketer of the Year Finalist
✮ TWC Most Outstanding Marketer of the Year 
✮ Speaker Coach of the Year

past projects:

✮ The Get WealthFit! show // 200 killer podcast episodes discussing unique ways to boost your income, invest smarter, and live the best possible life!
No B.S. Guide To Powerful Presentations //
battle-tested strategies & formulas to craft audience-retaining powerful presentations 
✮ Speaking Empire // empowering leaders to communicate powerfully

fun facts:

✮ Born in Okinawa, Japan but knows more Spanish than Japanese
✮ Owned a virtual airline
✮ Once strung racquets for professional tennis players
✮ Hit the winningest female car racer of all time, Danica Patrick, in the back of her leg with her book
✮ Loved that he was once called “the Jay-Z of Marketing”
✮ Attempted to negotiate with Magic Johnson… and lost, kinda
✮ During an interview, asked basketball bad-boy, Dennis Rodman, the one question told not to ask