New In The World Of Speaking

Q: Well, what’s new in the world of speaking?

DUSTIN:  When it comes to speaking for profit, the core fundamentals remain unchanged.  Superior credibility, believable social proof, entertaining stories that further the sale, a mouth watering offer, etc. are vital to every talk. But here’s what’s changed:  the mindset of your audience.  Any one speaking to make money, from stage and even webinars, needs to understand the shift taking place in the minds of the consumer.  What worked in the past won’t fly in today’s marketplace.  Those experiencing lower conversions and sales are most likely using out of date techniques and strategies.  Consumers are savvy now and can see yesterday’s sales tactics from a mile away.  There exists a new formula for profitable speaking in today’s marketplace.  Those that understand this new way of selling stand to gain higher closing percentages, more invitations to speak and increased profits.

Q: You mentioned a formula.  Can you share it with us?

DUSTIN:  Most speakers and info-marketers understand the classic sales formula: Problem, Agitate, Solution, with the solution being your product or service.  It’s a great place to start but it’s incomplete for delivering presentations.

Our formula, aka the Presentation Conversion Blueprint, was developed from my partner, Dave VanHoose’s experience from speaking to sell 2,596 times (and counting)…live from the platform.  This formula was crucial in generating nearly $14 million dollars in sales which landed his previous company at number 35 on Inc. 500 Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.”

When it comes to extracting maximum dollars speaking at your own live events, we have developed a different, yet POWERFUL formula. It’s specifically designed for maximizing sales in boot camp or multi-day environments. With over 16 years in the seminar business, he’s crafted a unique system that’s averaging $2,103 in sales per attendee…even to free crowds.

Q: Who’s profiting from using your formula in today’s economy?

DUSTIN:  We started working with real estate speakers and info-marketers, finding immediate success.  Our first four clients went on to do over $1 million in sales from webinars and platform speaking.  As word spread throughout the “speaking community,” our expansion turned to other markets and niches including: personal development, internet marketing, business opportunities, stock trading, software, health & wellness and network marketing.

After an on-the-spot challenge, we coached a brand new, “unpolished” speaker to sell 21% (considered a respectable closing percentage) of the room…despite his fear of public speaking.

No matter what your experience level, as long as you follow the formula, you can expect to see an increase in sales… some will even see double digit gains.